The Australian Communications and Media Authority has amended the regulatory requirements for cabling providers who install specialised cabling within customer premises.

The ACMA’s Cabling Provider Rules (CPRs) regulate the performance of cabling work in customer premises. Under the CPRs, cabling providers must be registered by registrars appointed by the ACMA.  Cabling providers must meet certain competencies set by the ACMA in order to be registered.  The ACMA’s competencies form the basis for training programs developed by Industry Skills Councils (ISCs).

The amendments to the ACMA cabling arrangements have been made to ensure cabling providers have the necessary skills required to perform specialised cabling work for the current and emerging customer cabling environment.

Under the new arrangements, cabling providers undertaking broadband, structured, optical-fibre or co-axial cabling work must have the training competencies relevant to the specialised cabling work. The new competencies only apply to cabling providers who are undertaking the relevant specialised cabling work within customer premises.

As a result of the recent amendments, the cabling ISCs will ensure that training offered by Recognised Training Organisations (RTOs) will include the additional competencies.  The new competencies will be reflected in a revised Industry Pathways document to be published on the ACMA website.

The new competency requirements will apply from 1 July 2012.  Existing cabling providers who install those specialised cables, but who have not already attained the additional competencies, will be given a 2 year transition period to attain those competencies.
For more information on the new arrangements, please contact the ACMA on email address: