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The ACCC is launching a campaign this week to make consumers more aware of the dangers of Infinity Cables. So you may receive calls from your customers asking for help.

To learn more about the ACCC campaign and to get up-to-speed on the cable recall, NECA encourages you to check the ACCC website www.accc.gov.au/checkyourcable – which includes a short video you could use with any enquiries.

As a reminder, the onus is on the supplier of the cable to remedy this situation, not you – unless you either purchased the cable direct from Infinity, or from a wholesaler/supplier that has subsequently gone out of business. The first stage in the process is to ascertain who laid the cable, and where it was purchased. Assuming that it was not you, we suggest you quote to inspect the premises. Should you discover Infinity Cable has been laid we suggest you refer the customer to the ACCC website.

You should not go ahead and replace the cable unless the customer requests that and realises that they would have to pay you for that work. If the customer wants this remedial work to be paid for by the supplier, they must work with the supplier – and their electrician, if they know who it was, to get the cable replaced.

The ACCC is very keen to see this situation pick up pace as the progress to date has been very slow, and time is running out as the cables could already be deteriorating.


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