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TCA Cabling Forms Guidelines

Section 4.5 of the Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2000 requires cablers to complete a Telecommunications Cabling Advice Form (known as a TCA1 form) after each cabling job. The form is given to the customer and a copy must be retained for twelve months by the cabler or their employer. For audit purposes, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) can ask cablers to submit completed TCA1 forms for all jobs they conducted in the last twelve months.

The following are practical guidelines developed by the ACMA for the use of TCA1 forms:

  1. The forms are the responsibility of the cabler undertaking the work. However, you may make arrangements with your employer for the forms to be stored by the employer. You must be able to access the form if requested by the ACMA.
  2. The form is available from the ACMA website. Alternatively the form can be incorporated into existing invoices or other business documentation to avoid additional paperwork. This can be done by having the signed declaration section as an optional add-in on the electronic version of the invoice, or by using a rubber stamp after printing.
  3. There are some very small jobs for which the ACMA does not require a TCA1 form to be completed:

Cablers can complete a TCA1 form for these small jobs if desired. Even when a TCA1 form is not required, the cabler needs to be registered to undertake small jobs work and the Wiring Rules and all other Cabling Provider Rules still apply.

TCA1 form – PDF (42 kB) or Word (329 kB)

The ACMA has introduced an optional addition to the current TCA1 form. The TCA2 form is designed for use by registered cablers to alert customers or building managers of any non-compliant cable installations that are outside the contracted scope of work. Cablers may choose to issue it with a quotation prior to undertaking work, or after completing a particular cabling job to advise the customer or building manager of other matters that may still require attention.

  1. You must keep all copies of your TCA1 forms for at least 12 months and these must be made available to ACMA inspectors or auditors on request.
  2. A copy of the TCA1 must be provided to the customer and your employer (if applicable).
  3. Registered cablers will still be required to complete and sign a Telecommunications Cabling Advice (TCA1) form on completion of a cabling job.
  4. The TCA2 form is not a replacement for the TCA1 form.

TCA2 form – PDF (35 kB) or Word (322 kB)


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Advice to Cablers

“Cablers must fill in and sign a TCA1 form on completion of each cabling job.”

When filling out the form, cablers should describe their work clearly (specifying the type of work and location, for example, room, floor, section, department or building).

A copy must be made available to ACMA inspectors or cabling auditors on request.

You are responsible for TCA1 forms.

To avoid additional paperwork, you can incorporate the information on the TCA1 form into an existing invoice or other business documentation.

Further information and advice on cabling regulation is available from ACMA:

Please note:  This information is intended as a guide only and should not be relied on as legal advice or regarded as a substitute for legal advice in individual cases.

If you are a NECA member, you can purchase TCA1 books at a discounted price from NECA.
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