March 2024

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  • ACRS Directors report
  • NECA TAS CPD points
  • ARC – Tamworth cablers business opportunities
  • ACMA Aust cabling standards
  • The importance of cabling registration

ACRS Directors Report

As we start a new year, it is important to note that 2024 will see a number of vital reviews to our data and telecommunications industry.

ACRS regularly meets with and liaises with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) who are the regulators for our industry. In 2024, ACMA will be finalizing a review of the Telecommunications (Types of Cabling Work) Declaration 2013 , that is due to sunset on 1 April 2024. ACMA is proposing to make the Telecommunications (Types of Cabling Work) Declaration 2024 to replace the existing instrument. ACRS has been working with ACMA to ensure that the new instrument remains current and workable for our cablers, and that it will allow for a seamless transition. At this stage, it seems that the 2024 Declaration will only have minor amendments from the 2013 version.

Subsequent to this, ACMA will also seek to finalise new contractual arrangements with registration bodies, such as ACRS, for ongoing registration services.

In addition, the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Enhancing Consumer Safeguards and Other Measures) Bill 2023 is also presently before Federal Parliament. This Bill will deliver improved safeguards for Australian consumers when they access broadband and voice services. The Bill sets out measures to refine and improve the statutory infrastructure provider, or SIP, rules that provides the legislative basis for NBN Co, and other telecommunications carriers, to provide access to high-speed broadband networks across Australia. While most changes are minor and will enhance the operation of the regime, one of the more significant measures will be to clarify that the obligations of SIPs start in an area once buildings have been constructed and someone has moved in. Currently, the obligations start once a network has been installed. This has meant that when there is a delay in installing a network to a new building, occupants can face significant delays in being able to access telecommunications. This will resolve that problem.

Along with all the other registrars, ACRS is continuing to host a series of webinars, to better educate and to provide professional development for our industry. Planning is afoot, to expand these webinars in 2024.

A final word, is to take care when planning and performing work. Throughout Australia, we have seen a number of very recent workplace fatalities, including electrocutions. All of these could have been avoided with adequate planning and safe work practices. Remember to always do your risk assessment and don’t take any unnecessary chances. Your life may depend on it.


As ACRS has raised many times, scams are an unfortunate occurrence and a blight on our telecommunications systems. But did you know that Telcos are bound by law to make every effort to stop scams from getting through to consumers.

Telcos have blocked over 336.7 million scam texts since July 2022, according to new figures released by the ACMA.

ACMA Chair Nerida O’Loughlin said telcos reported identifying and blocking the scam texts between 12 July 2022 and 30 September 2023 under the ACMA-registered Reducing Scam Calls and Scam SMS Industry Code .

“These figures provide stark evidence of the scale of scam activity, with approximately 16 scam texts being blocked for every adult in the country.

“There is no single or easy solution to address scams, however every scam stopped is a win for consumers and helps make Australia a harder target for these criminal syndicates.

This all comes at a time, when ACMA research released in December 2023, shows that Australians continue to embrace their mobile phones for online activity. The research shows that the mobile phone is the most common way we communicate and access the internet. Almost all of us (95%) used a mobile phone to access the internet as at June 2023.

As well as for going online, mobile phones were almost universally used for voice calls (97%) and texting (96%) as at June 2023. There was an increase in the number of Australian adults using apps for messages, video calls or voice calls (84%). Only about 2 in 10 (18%) Australians used a landline to make voice calls in 2023.

Data growth also continues with Australians downloading about 12.2 million terabytes of data across retail wired and wireless broadband services in the 3 months to 31 December 2022. This was 1.5 million terabytes more than the same period in 2021. The NBN carried 83% of this data, with video streaming having the highest share of data traffic on the NBN.

There were 39.6 million mobile services in operation as at June 2023. This is 2.8 million more than June 2022. It includes prepaid and postpaid mobile plans, mobile broadband services and machine-to-machine connections. The long-planned shutdown of 3G services across all networks will be complete by September 2024.

Earn up to 10 CPD Points this March with NECA

The team at NECA are dedicated to helping electrical contractors in Tasmania build up their CPD points. This March, they have a full schedule of engaging sessions spread over two days, where you will have the opportunity to earn up to 10 CPD points. Here’s what you can expect:

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4. Take action:don’t miss this chance to boost your Continual Professional Development. Register now and secure your spot at the NECA Conference in Hobart


Session 1: Saturday 23 March



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11am – 3.45pm

Women in Construction Industry Panel

Workshop on Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Talent

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4.05pm – 5pm

Keynote: The Rise of Artificial Intelligence:

What it Means for You

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Session 1: Saturday 23 March



CPD Points

Member Price

Non Member Price


Industrial Relations Session

Unplugged: A Frank Conversation about the Future of Energy

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Keynote | Fearless Innovation: Empowering leaders to create a new future

Innovation Workshop

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Registrations close 08.03.24. Download the flyer here for more information.


Business opportunities for cabling companies on the Australian Registered Cabler Website

ACRS is a member of the Australian Registered Cabler Website consortium.

The site is for our registered cablers and is open to industry stakeholders and the public, as an advisory service.

ACRS Open Registered Cablers with Structured and Co-Axial (and Fibre where required) – can register their business on the RCWS website to gain leads to nbn, internet, telephone and smart wiring work.

We are currently looking for companies and sole traders who hold an ABN number in the Toowoomba area to register on this website, as there is a shortage of cablers in this area.

Click on the following link to read more:

Australian cabling standards

As a cabler, you need to be familiar with all the cabling rules and standards that apply to your work.

All cablers must now comply with the2020 Wiring Rules , not the 2013 rules.

In addition to the Telecommunications Cabling Provider Rules 2014 , you also need to understand and follow:

To view all cabling standards, codes and guidelines, see the Communications Alliance website .

Installation requirements for customer cabling (Wiring Rules – AS/CA S009)

Download at AS/CA S009:2020 Installation requirements for customer cabling .

This industry standard explains the installation and maintenance practices that you must follow. It covers the requirements for fixed or concealed cabling or equipment that is connected, or is intended to be connected, to a telecommunications network.

The industry standard AS/CA S009 2020 was published on 20 August 2020. Cablers must now comply with the 2020 Wiring Rules.

Issue 139

Five telcos breached for allowing SMS scams
We have taken action against 5 telcos that send bulk SMS for failing to comply with multiple anti-scam and public safety rules. Message4U, SMS Broadcast, DirectSMS, Esendex Australia and MessageBird allowed millions of SMS to be sent using text-based sender IDs without sufficient checks to ensure they weren’t scams.

New protections for telco customers in hardship

Telcos will be required to do more to support customers who are struggling to pay their bills under a new industry standard made by the ACMA that comes into force on 29 March. This includes proactively identifying customers experiencing financial hardship and prioritising keeping them connected.

‘Cost of living’ impersonation scam

Scammers are taking advantage of cost-of-living pressures by sending messages posing as government agencies and offering fake payments and refunds. Agencies impersonated include myGov, Centrelink, Medicare and the ATO. Do not click on the links in these messages.

Research reveals news consumption trends

New ACMA research shows Australians are going to fewer sources to access news. The How we access news report showed in 2023, Australians used on average 3.1 different sources of news, down from 3.5 in 2022. More of us are also choosing social media as our primary source of news content.

New amateur radio arrangements have begun

The new amateur radio class licence has commenced. Qualified amateur operators can now operate foundation, standard or advanced amateur stations without needing to apply for an individual licence or pay fees. Find out more about the changes.

ACMA publishes AIP for AWLs in 3.8 GHz band

We have published the applicant information pack (AIP) for those interested in applying for area-wide licences (AWLs) in the 3.8 GHz band. Applications open on Thursday 28 March. The AIP includes legislative and technical instruments, key dates and information on how to lodge an application.


We have requested Australian internet service providers block 12 more illegal gambling websites, after investigations found them to be operating in breach of the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. Also, 4-wheel drive and camping accessory retailer Outdoor Supacentre has paid a $302,500 penalty for sending more than 83,000 marketing text messages in breach of spam laws.


We’re developing our compliance priorities for our 2024-25 work program and want your feedback. Each year, we target key areas for improved industry compliance. We include areas of significant public interest, or issues having a negative impact on the community. We’d like to hear what you think the ACMA’s compliance focus for the 2024-25 financial year should be.

The Importance of Cabling Registration

Australian Cabler Registration Service (ACRS) is an official registrar for the Cabling Provider Rules (CPR) accredited by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Any cabling work that is connected or intended to be connected to a carrier’s network must be done by a Registered Cabler in compliance with the cabling provider rules and AS/CA S009 and AS/CA S008.

The key words are “connected or intended to be connected”. How do we know that something is intended to be connected? Simple, does the equipment have WiFi or an RJ45 network interface, if the answer is yes, then the equipment is intended to be connected. A standalone network that has the capability of being connected to a carrier’s network via WiFi or RJ45 network interface is intended to be connected and therefore all cabling associated with the installation must be done by a registered cabler with the relevant endorsements.

ACRS actively promotes professionalism and ‘best-practice’ on behalf of the Australian cabling industry and amongst its cablers through compliance, education and industry support. We urge all cablers to keep their registration up to date – it’s not only a mandatory requirement set by the ACMA, but it’s a mark of professionalism too. We often receive calls from builders and consumers asking us to verify that the cabling contractors doing work for them are registered and hold the relevant endorsements.

If your registration has expired, please contact the friendly team at ACRS on 1300 667771 regarding re instatement of your registration.