JUNE 2023

Integrate Expo, 30 August – 1 September 2023
Security Exhibition & Conference. 30 August - 1 September 2023, ICC Sydney

Registration for the Security Exhibition & Integrate Conference 2023 is  NOW OPEN! It has been a busy year in the industry and we’re looking forward to seeing you again at Australia’s leading integrate and security expo.


Integrate is Australia’s leading platform dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of AV to transform customer experiences. It is nexus for local and global brands to promote the latest AV solutions and products, as well as share insights and innovations to the region’s largest gathering of AV professionals and end users.


Two shows are better than one. Integrate is co-located with the Security Exhibition and Conference, offering more access to the region’s most tech-savvy buying professionals. With the increased convergence of AV and Security solutions, this co-locate brings together the full spectrum of security professionals and end-users to connect and source essential solutions to meet modern security challenges.

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What’s Most Important to Australian Cablers?

As some of you may already know we recently did a small survey of registered cablers to find out what they’re most concerned about and what they’d like to know more about. It proved very interesting.

We asked 2 big questions. First we asked Cablers to rate 10 topics they’d be interested in learning more about, ranging from the AS/CA S009 Standard to things like Deploying Wireless Properly, Infrastructure for the Internet of Things, Risk Mitigation (or “Covering Your Butt”) & HDBaseT amongst others.

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The Graph outlines just how interested Cablers were in each topic but the AS/CA S009 Standard stood out. Which is why it will be the first of our series of free Webinars for Cablers we’ll run this year and we’re calling this one “The Importance of Applying S009 and adhering to its Guidelines” set for August 8.

The other big question we asked was what topics you, the Cabler, are most concerned about. A lot, it seems, from the responses we got and its clear there’s some frustration in the industry these days.

One of the biggest was the quality of cabling work being done by so-called “cowboys” as well as electricians. Obviously, some people are working out there without a cabler registration and it is up to all of us to report such instances to your customer and completing the TCA 1 or making sure the information required by the TCA-1 form is included in your invoice.

Another major bug bear is the NBN it seems and there were requests to do a Webinar on it too. One issue that seems to irk many of you is around the NBN equipment you need to alter & the accompanying document from the NBN. By the way it is worth having a copy and reading it. (Just search for Authority to Alter nbn and you will find it).

The lack of auditing undertaken by the ACMA was also raised a bit. This is a standing agenda item for all registrars and the International Copper Association Australia, but it’s has been a hard nut to crack. What we need is more complaints from the public, so if you see bad work, tell your customers to report it to the ACMA.

Digital media on coax also featured, particularly installing cabling to AS/NZS 14763 part 2 of a customer’s premises and overlaying remote power. This then overlaps PoE which brings in heat rise in cable and the derating of cabling system under remote power.

There were other issues you raised-fibre was also important-but now we’ve started talking they can all be handled in our series of Webinars. We hope to see you online soon on our zoom.

For now, click here and register for our first webinar The Importance of Applying S009 and adhering to its Guidelines on the 8th of August at 7am and register. Once you have registered we shall send you a link to the webinar.


Electricians considering undertaking communications cabling work MUST have the relevant qualifications and the appropriate competencies, plus be registered with an accredited Cabling Registrar – before they carry out any endorsements, communications and data cabling work.

In Australia, all cabling work, including telephone, data, fire and security alarm systems cabling that that connects with the telecommunications network, must be performed by a registered cabler or under the direct supervision of a registered cabler. This is because they have completed the relevant training and have the knowledge to complete the work to the required Australian Standards, as set out in the Wiring Rules AS/CA S009 and deliver the work to the customers’ expectations.

Cabler registration is overseen by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), the Australian Government statutory authority that regulates, sets and manages rules about telecommunications in Australia.

Working unregistered can be costly. The ACMA has a range of options available to enforce compliance including infringement notices through to financial penalties.

If you hold an electrical licence and wish to find out more about training requirements or registration requirements, please contact ACRS on 1300 667771

Useful Links

ACRS www.acrs.com.au
nbn www.nbnco.com.au
ACMA www.acma.gov.au
Before you dig Australia www.byda.com.au
Communications Alliance www.commsalliance.com.au