The NSW Government has published updated guidance which can be seen here . Members should read it in full.

In summary, in the eight LGAs of concern work can only be done in a person’s home if:

  • urgent to ensure the health, safety, or security of the premises or household
  • an emergency
  • for the installation, maintenance and repairs of essential utilities, including a water, gas, electricity, internet, television or telecommunications service
  • for fire protection and safety
  • necessary to prepare an unoccupied place of residence for sale or lease.

In the rest of Greater Sydney, renovations, repairs and maintenance are allowed in a home where people are living if they are urgent and:

  • in an outdoor area, no more than 5 people are in the same work area at the same time
  • in an indoor area, no more than 2 people are undertaking work at the same time and
  • for indoor work, any other people who are present (such as members of the household) at all times stay in a separate indoor area of the premises from the people undertaking the work
  • face masks are worn as required.

See full guidance here .

NSW Government permits construction every day until Christmas 2021
The NSW Government has amended legislation so construction work can take place on weekends and public holidays during the hours permitted by the development consent or complying development certificate for weekday work. This includes noisy work subject to any restrictions on noisy works hours under the relevant consent or certificate.

NECA opposed this because we believe it risks the health and wellbeing of employees and increases costs when timetables become compressed.

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NECA: calls on Federal Government to extend COVID payments to 16 year old full age apprentices
NECA recently called on the Federal Government to include all full-time apprentices and trainees across Greater Sydney, who are still aged 16, in the COVID disaster support payment program. Under the current rules of the support scheme, eligibility doesn’t commence until the worker turns 17. Most of these 16 year old apprentices have lost 80 per cent of their income as a result of COVID construction pauses.

NECA Advocacy: Engaging with State Governments
NECA is working constantly to advocate on behalf of members. This includes getting our position in media to put pressure on government. Recent features include:

NECA Trade Services: Remains open through current COVID restrictions NECA Trade Services remains open and continues to support trades completing essential or life-critical maintenance and repair work. A number of increased safety and hygiene measures have been implemented to help keep our team members safe and orders being delivered safely.

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