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Purpose: This survey is intended to provide ADTIA (Australian Digital & Telecommunications Association) as a peak Industry body with up to date and relevant data on the state of the industry. This survey is being undertaken in conjunction with the five national accredited registrars for ACMA Cabling Registrations; and the ICAA.

We are conducting this survey on behalf of the industry, gathering information on the status of the industry and looking at ways to support your business and prepare an ADTIA industry report.

There are a number of changes occurring in the Industry as a consequence of the NBN rollout, the Internet of Things (IOT), 5G the Gig Economy and the Digital Transformation are producing enormous changes and benefits in productivity and processes of Governments, Businesses and Communities.

We know that you are busy, so 10 minutes of your time to complete the survey should be sufficient. Your participation is required to collectively inform industry and Government of how the industry is progressing.

Please be assured that questionnaire responses and data collected will remain confidential. Information will be analysed in aggregate form only and will not identify your organisation or personal details in any way. This information will be the basis of industry reports to all Governments, industry stakeholders and interested bodies regarding industry workforce capability and needs for today and the future.

This data will underpin the support for an industry position on workforce policies and programs with the Territory, State and Federal Governments. A copy of the Industry Report will be placed in the ACRS newsletter and also on the ADTIA website.

NEWS FLASH: “Telstra will axe a quarter of its contractors over the next two years……….. The cuts will see about 10,000 contractors’ roles disappear over the next two years, on top of the 8,000 cuts to Telstra’s permanent staff announced last June….”

(Source: The Financial Review 5 June 2019)

Your input is essential to ensure a statistically valid sample, representative of the industry. Please participate in this survey to ensure your voice is heard.



The link to access the survey is:

$100,000 fine for Airtasker fake electrician

Airtasker is a Sydney-based Australian company which provides an online and mobile marketplace, enabling users to outsource everyday tasks. Users describe the task and indicate a budget, community members then bid to complete the task.

ACRS and other telecommunication stakeholders have expressed concern to regulators over the practice of Aairtasker to ignore regulatory requirements for trade based referrals.

Currently any electrical and presumably telecommunications cabling work is being undertaken by non-qualified persons. There is some question as to whether Airtasker has any liability.

Airtasker have claimed, though they are providing a service, it is not their responsibility to ensure a contractor/person is qualified.

The following case has been advised by Peter Lamont – ED for NECA Qld and ACRS Director .

A man who posed as a qualified electrician to get work in homes around south-east Queensland has been fined $100,000 in the Brisbane Magistrates Court.

Amilcar Appel posed as a qualified electrician on the online marketplace Airtasker and advertised electrical services to households in the greater Brisbane area between November 2015 and June 2017. However, he had never held an electrical contractor licence or any qualifications to perform electrical work.

The Electrical Safety Office (ESO) received a complaint about Appel’s work after a licensed electrician found substantially defective work in a home which Appel had been paid to complete through Airtasker.

An ESO investigation established that Appel had conducted similar unlicensed and non-compliant electrical work at a further eight addresses through Airtasker.

Appel, who failed to make an appearance in court, was convicted and ordered to pay a $100,000 fine for thirteen offences under the Electrical Safety Act 2002:

· Four section 40C (category 2) offences concerning particularly dangerous electrical work performed by the defendant which exposed individuals to a risk of death or serious injury.

· Eight section 55(1) offences relating to the performance of electrical work while not holding an electrical work licence.

· One section 56(1) offence relating to conducting a business or undertaking including the performance of electrical work while not holding an electrical contractor licence.

While issuing the hefty fine, Magistrate Belinda Merrin noted that, while no-one was killed or injured, the potential consequences were significant. She also noted Appel had not cooperated with the investigation and there was no indication he felt remorse for his actions.

Head of Queensland’s Electrical Safety Office Victoria Thomson said the sentencing served as an important reminder to everyone to check their electrical contractor is licensed.

“Faulty wiring or unlicensed electrical work can cost you thousands of dollars to fix up and in some cases, void your home insurance. Worse still, it can put you and your family in serious danger of electric shock or a house fire.

“Homeowners can quickly and easily check their electrician has the right credentials by searching our electrical licences register,” Ms Thomson said.

The electrical licences register and information on penalties under Queensland’s electrical safety laws is at .

ACRS receives many enquiries from electricians who are looking to diversify their skills and include cabling related services into their business.

Having the right skills and competencies to gain the required accreditation to cross over into the telecommunications cabling industry can provide new work opportunities, like the NBN, smart wiring and other projects that give workers and businesses a more competitive edge in the industry.

Becoming a registered Open cabler with competencies allows you to work legally and be fully qualified to work as an ACMA accredited cabler.

Crossing over to cabling

It is a fairly straight-forward process for electricians to cross over into telecommunications cabling if they are looking to work on the NBN rollout or in the telecommunications and security industry.

A licensed electrician that has completed the applicable units, along with completing the ACMA mandated 50 question test through their training provider, can then register to be a cabler. A copy of their electrical licence will suffice as proof of experience for cabling.

All cabling work must be performed by a registered cabler in the telecommunications, security, electrical, fire and data industries, in accordance with the ACMA ‘Cabling Provider Rules’. The main type of cabling registration available under the ACMA legislative requirements is the OPEN registration.

What to do now:

Electricians who have not completed the relevant ACMA pathway training, chosen electives relevant to cabling or wish to add specialised competencies, please contact your NECA training centre who will offer you expert advice in selecting the relevant course that suits your needs.

NECA Training NSW 02 9188 4424

NECA Education & Careers VIC 03 9381 1922

NECA CET Joondalup WA 08 9233 5000

NECA CET Jandakot WA 08 6595 6600

Most RTO’s offer some on line training for the theory with practical training required in class. This cuts the duration time of the course, which means less time sacrificed off work.

click here for a full list of registered training organisations Australia wideClick here for RTO listing


The ACMA have now updated the Pathways document and the new version (May 2019) is currently on the ACMA website.

The Pathways document outlines the current training pathways for persons wishing to become a registered cabler under the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) customer cabling regulatory requirements.

Click here to view the current pathways document:

With the increasing demand for connected properties, it’s important for cablers to become familiar with the new technologies and specific cabling requirements for the nbn™ access network – to stay up to date with the industry, avoid delays, and to avoid additional building or cabling expenses for the property owner that can occur when installation isn’t done right the first time.
In-home cabling is strongly recommended as it allows property owners to choose the location of nbn™ supplied equipment and may improve connectivity and data speeds within the premises.
Only registered cablers can perform in-home cabling work for a home or business owner connecting to the nbn™ access network. All cabling work must adhere to nbn standards and in accordance with Australian Standards AS/CA S009 2013 .
Would you like to register to participate in the ‘Registered Cablers’ program to provide communications infrastructure for NBN connected dwellings? If so, we are confident it will be a wise choice in expanding the services you offer and the business opportunities that open up from it.
You should note that this is an opt-in program that you can choose to participate in or not. It does not affect your Registration or Competencies in any way.
Are you eligible?
First of all, you must meet the following criteria to be eligible to participate:
For residential premises, you must be either:
* A “Restricted” registered cabler with the Broadband Competency (BB-P/P); or
* An “Open” registered cabler with the Structured (S) Competency/Endorsement as a minimum.*
For commercial premises, you must be:
* An “Open” Registered Cabler with the Structured (S) Competency/Endorsement as a minimum*.
Registered cablers are listed on the Australian Registered Cablers (ARC) website *. Click here to register for the NBN cablers program.
There are certain exemptions from having to comply with the cabling provider rules – these are included in Schedule 1 to the Telecommunications (Types of Cabling Work) Declaration 2013 (the Declaration).
For example,
· Broadcasters do have certain exemptions but it’s not a “blanket” exemption and even then they are obligated to do certain things such as using line isolation units, or they are required to obtain written consent from the network manager or hold an ACMA issued permit,
· Law enforcement agencies are exempt but only if the cabling work is in relation to a warrant issued under a law of the Commonwealth, a State, or Territory,
· Defence are exempt but only for customer cabling used for temporary field telecommunications facilities, and
· Anyone is permitted to do things like plug a telephone into a wall socket or install/remove patch leads at a patch panel but they cannot undertake any work involving fixed or concealed telecommunications customer cables.

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