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The ACMA has updated the Suppliers segment in the Industry zone of the ACMA website. This segment covers supplier obligations under the telecommunications, radio communications, EMC and EME regulatory arrangements. The segment also includes information on the ACMA compliance program. The revised segment streamlines content and will improve supplier access to ACMA information.

You can get to the new segment by going to the ACMA website at www.acma.gov.au > Industry > Suppliers and then using the top drop-down menu; or you can bookmark the indexes below:
Product supply and compliance
Steps to compliance—the steps a supplier needs to follow to supply compliant products to the Australian market.
Supplier resources—additional supplier information (such as transitional arrangements for the RCM) and direct links to useful downloads (such as the RCM and compliance forms).
Commonly supplied equipment—specific information for suppliers of products that are the focus of frequent queries to the ACMA.
Priority compliance areas—information about the ACMA’s priority compliance area (PCA) program and compliance program reports.

Regulatory arrangements

EMC Electromagnetic compatibility—details of the specific EMC arrangements.
EME for industry—details of the specific EME arrangements.
Radiocommunications devices—details of the specific arrangements for these devices.
Telco customer equipment and cabling—details of the specific arrangements for telecommunications customer equipment and cabling.